Our Summer House Build

We required an additional room for Arts and Crafts and general recreation.  The solution we adopted was the purchase and a build of a summer house.

We chose a Summer House from Wickes and purchased it with a base that had adjustable feet.  It was treated, assembled, externally painted, we added insulation and waterprooofing under the floor, painted it internally, connected electric power and installed power points and lighting.  Completion was with steps and finishing the surround with pink granite stone chippings.


What have we learned during the build process?  Well the wood preparation and weather proofing paints that we used are expensive and a bigger proportion than we expected, thus if we purchased a summer house with thicker timbers to build, paint would have been the same.  Conclusion, buy the summer house with the thickest wood that you can afford, and if pretreated, it may same time and money in the long run.

Pictures of the floor completion and outside steps build are shown below.

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